Taking Time to Create

No one entered the contest, so once again, we do not have a winner. Next month, we'll see if it is true that the third time is the charm.

I've decided to take up photography again as a means to expand my artistic abilities. One thing that I am learning is that as an artist we need to have fun and enjoy our artistic skills. Sometimes, that involves learning, or reacquainting ourselves with a favorite activity from the past.

We use loose leaf tea, and the other day, I looked at the tea leaves floating in the water while they steeped, and thought that they appeared quite interesting, so  I took a photo of them. I liked the colors and light reflected on the water and leaves.

It's the little things that make the bigger, overwhelming problems fade away, at least for a few moments of happiness. Look out for little pieces of interest throughout this week. Take a chance and develop your inner artist. I firmly believe that every human is created to create. Some paint; others write; some decorate; some design - we all create. Find out how you're gifted to create.

Hope everyone had a happy father's day and a pleasant weekend.


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