Summer changes

Since today is the first full day of summer, I thought it would be nice to change around the blog's template. What do you think of it? I chose hummingbirds because we always seem to have several around the house during the summer.

In New York (where I currently live) I see hummingbirds on a regular basis; in Pennsylvania (where I spent my childhood), I rarely saw hummingbirds. It's funny how certain animals are more common in one part of the country as opposed to another, though they animal lives in both parts.

When I was little, one of the nightly activities was to catch lightning bugs, usually in our hands since no one ever seemed to have a jar handy. Night falls earlier in southeastern Pennsylvania than it does in Western New York. Eight/nine at night down there is quite dark, even in the summertime; up here, we have light until almost ten it seems. Lightning bugs exist here, I just rarely have a chance to see them.

What are activities that you remember as summer activities? Are they different from where you grew up to where you live now?

On Monday, I'll have some photos of my finished transparency. For my first attempt, I think it's quite nice. We'll see how the second attempt goes.


  1. Thanks; I wanted to do some changes on the background just for the sake of it. It's probably part of the artistic temperament.

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  3. I love hummingbirds. I've never seen any here in South Carolina, but I may have seen a fast one in Ohio once. A friend in Oregon sees lots of them and tries to snap shots of them.

    We've been asked to count lightning bugs at night. They seem to be dying off in our area, and scientists want to figure out why. I loved catching lightning bugs when I was a kid and trying to use them as a nightlight in a jar in my room. For some reason, though, they never wanted to cooperate with that idea.

    When I was a kid, we used to like to see who liked butter, using dandelions. :-) In the Midwest, dandelions have short stems. Here in South Carolina, the stems grow knee high! I think I showed my kids the you-like-butter trick with dandelions when they were little, but it kind of ended there.

  4. Alas, the poor lightning bugs. Imagine them being lost?! We're having a similar problem up in NY with bee colonies collapsing (though I think it's across the country, not just NY). I went to college in Greenville, South Carolina, but was home before May and returned in September, so I rarely saw the dandelions or the lightning bugs.

    My grandma had a hummingbird feeder so we would see the hummingbirds in the kitchen window; they still come around the house looking for food, though ... that and the flowers.


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