Finally Saturday!

This week was a little crazy. Not anything major, just busy. Next Thursday (4th of July) I'll be at Picnic in the Park in Batavia NY selling bags, journals and copies of Azure Maris as well as pre-orders of Azure Lights. It's that process of preparing for the fair that has left me busy this week.

The other fun project for the week was creating a Regency era tunic. I took the Simplicity pattern, but cut the material short for a tunic than long for a gown. It's rather comfortable even after spending the day at the local historical village. Today was their Celtic themed day at the Genesee Country Village and Museum in Mumford NY. I enjoy visiting the place on a somewhat regular basis even if it is only every other year or so. Since they place the village primarily in the 1830s-1850s, I can visit for research at the time period ... roughly. Most of my American novels are earlier than the 1830s, but they at least give me an idea. Of course, Williamsburg VA is better for the American Revolution and that time period, but traveling to Virginia can be tiresome therefore, the local places help. Besides, Williamsburg cannot help with Western New York, especially in Revolutionary times: Western New York, while inhabited, was not fully settled until after the Revolution.

Do you have a favorite historical site that you enjoy visiting? Why? Is it because of the time period portrayed or is it because it's your local area's history?


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