Art and Healing

It's been one of those weeks: homeschooling fair on Sunday, sitting at a booth yesterday afternoon, receiving two rejection letters and trying to write a business plan for class. The business plan deals with an artisan business I want to start that focuses on teaching young women about weaving and business so they can start a business of their own.

One of the aspects of this business deals with healing since art is a powerful avenue for healing. We might pray for healing; we might visit the doctor for healing; we might even scream for healing, but the aspect of throwing color onto a canvas or the meditative aspect of weaving can heal in ways that medicine and science can never reach.

This video is ten minutes long, but visit the Foundation for Art & Healing if you want a shorter version of the video. I think it offers a good explanation as to why we need art.

A quick reminder that tomorrow is the Ides of June. Check back here tomorrow to sign up for a signed copy of Azure Maris.


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