Win Some; Lose Some

Well,  the first monthly Ides Giveaway was not as much of a success as I would have preferred: no one entered. I posted on the Facebook page some questions: what sort of items would you like to have as a giveaway?


Or something else?
Any suggestions are welcomed ... within reason, of course. Unfortunately, I cannot give directions to Deep Waters.


  1. I wanted to comment on your book, so I hope it is OK for me to put the comment here. I just started reading your book last night and it is amazing. I can't believe no one has left a review on Amazon yet, but I will as soon as I finish reading it. I hope Eliam and Azure have a happy ending and I can't wait to read book 2. If is possible I would love to get an advance copy.

  2. Deb, not a problem commenting here. I'm thankful to hear that others enjoy Azure Maris just as much as I do. Check back here on Monday, I'll have a place where you'll be able to order advance copies of Azure Lights - should be out later on this year.

  3. I finished reading Azure Maris and posted my review on Amazon. This what I said: This is a very powerful book; some might say that this book is too preachy, but I love it when a book draws me closer to the Lord and makes me examine my relationship with Him. Azure Maris is wonderful, gifted, think outside of the box person and there should be more people like her. I love Eliam and I'm hoping that he and Azure will be together. I want to say more, I want to express every emotion that this book evoked in me, but I don't know how to express that in words. Please give this book a chance; please read it.

  4. Thanks!Sounds great and I am thankful that you enjoyed the book as much as you did!


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