Visions of Arts

How do you catch a vision for the arts? How should Christians be involved with the arts - should they? Obviously, for me, I believe that the answer is not a quiet, probably, but a resounding YES! How do we discover this passion for the arts? What do we constitute as art? All these questions I ponder partly because art is my chosen field - writing and weaving. These topics I research because these are the ones that I find intriguing.
In most of my series, the arts and sciences play a large part of the story. I see the two working in tandem quite honestly: the science of pottery and dyeing as well the beauty in science: images from space and fractals. While there are many believers in both fields, the Church as a whole can do more in supporting those within the fields.
Over the course of the summer, I'm going to explore some of these portions of art: what is it? How should Christians respond? Great artists past and present and types of art. Within the Christian community Christian artist is invariably a musician who writes or performs Christian music, yet organizations such as I AM work to encourage and support artists with a Christian worldview.
For an overview, I consider arts to include several elements: dance, music, writing, sculpture, drama, the 2D arts (painting, drawing, calligraphy) as well as other 3D arts that some refer to as artisan crafts (carpentry, fiber arts, pottery). At one time the Church supported the arts (think the Sistine Chapel, Gothic Cathedrals and thousands of other elements within art history). So what do you think about Christians and the arts? Any ideas how we might support those within the fields? Or how we can incorporate arts and sciences into our church? Worship service? Outreach? Sunday School Classes?


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