Sari Ribbon Update

Last week, I received the sari ribbon that I purchased and this weekend, I wove it. For the warp I wound, I did not have enough sari ribbon so I used two other fabrics to finish the warp. From left to right: cotton fabric, sari ribbon and synthetic silk.
The sari ribbon came in the skein with the ends of the strips sewn together. I wove three purses from the ribbon. Two smaller purses not unlike the Little Black Iris Bag and a larger one that will have a flap over it. All in all, I rather enjoyed weaving with the ribbon. With the warp, the colors worked well together for an ocean feel. Here are two up-close shots of the sari ribbon fabric.

The cotton fabric that I chose worked well as well. In the first photo it is on the left. Here are two photos of the cotton fabric bag:

The colors were variegated since the material had a large floral print on the fabric. The fabric itself is leftovers from a quilt that I made two years ago. The fabric has teal, chocolate and sparkles on it, though I don't know how well the sparkles showed up in the photograph. Like most cotton, it is a little stiff at first, but in small enough widths, it is manageable.
The last fabric I used was a silver synthetic silk material. In the first photo it is on the right. This stuff, I am thankful to say, is finished. I used up the last portion of it. The fabric was originally purchased for a costume in a play that one of the children at church wrote. When used for clothing, it is decent - a nice sheen, heavy enough to hang right, and dressy enough for a queen or a night out. It's beautiful material. The problem was that it frayed ... a lot.

I wish I had taken a photograph of the fabric on my shuttle, but I didn't. The fabric was cut into half-inch strips, but I probably wove with less than half-inch - more like a three-eighths inch. For some reason the fabric also bubbled more than the other two fabrics did when it went through the wash. It's a beautiful bag, and it was decent enough to weave, just anything more than the two bags would have been frustrating.
After cutting the silver fabric, I sewed the ends together much like the sari ribbon had been. The cotton I just over lay the ends in the weft. If using a synthetic silk fabric like the silver one, I would recommend that you sew the ends together. It seems to work better for stability and for weaving - one less area to fray.   
All in all, I rather enjoyed weaving with the sari ribbon. In the future, I think I would rather purchase the saris then cut them down myself. In some parts the ribbon was a quarter inch, but other parts three-quarters of an inch. When I weave, I prefer the width to be fairly uniform. If you want to weave with sari ribbon, I recommend that you use a solid color and use the warp to decorate the cloth.


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