New Fabric - Sari Ribbon

I don't remember the first time that I heard about using sari fabric to weave, but I have wanted to use it in a project for some time. Last week, I finally purchased some to play with:

And another up-close shot of the sari ribbon:

I purchased it from Flea's Fibers in Los Alamos NM. The particular color that I have is periwinkle. The attempt is to make bags out of the ribbon and to see how the fabric ribbon works. Since I've used cotton fabric weft on most of my bags, I'm not too worried, but I have heard that others had troubles with it. Some of the sari ribbon I have seen on the internet has had major color shifts such as primary colors or even some contrasting color such as blue and yellow. Variegated yarns work well in some projects, but not all projects. For this first attempt with sari ribbon, I chose a solid color.

The other aspect, since I put most of my items up for sale, is the economic viability of the fabric: is the price and effort going to be recovered in the retail price of a purse? So far, I like the color though the fabric is a little stiff, but so is the cotton fabric when I use it. I look forward to trying this experiment.

Lastly, a photo of the warp:

I'm using three shades of blue: navy, light and sky as well as lime green which I also use as my weft. At this point of the photograph, I am hem-stitching the end.

Have any of you used sari ribbon before? Any suggestions?


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