Happy Memorial Day

In the United States, today is Memorial Day. I want to say thank you to all those who have fought to defend our freedoms. I've been blessed in that I've not lost a family member because of war, though most American wars have included a family member. My grandpa was in World War 2; Dad and my uncles were in the military during Vietnam but remained stateside; I had a cousin in the First Iraq conflict and my younger sister is currently in the military.

Farther back, I have an ancestor who fought for the Americans during the American Revolution, and others who fought for the Confederacy some eighty years later. We believe that my grandma might have Loyalist heritage in her Canadian roots, but have yet to learn if any of her family fought during the War of 1812 or another war.

For those here in the States, take the time to think about the freedoms that we have; for those who live elsewhere, I would suggest you do the same. Though today might be an American holiday, each country has those to thank for the freedoms that they have.

On a lighter note: today's post is my 100th post - wow. I didn't think I would ever hit 100, so this is a major milestone. I wonder how I should celebrate?

Happy Memorial Day.


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