A Bit of Encouragement

Sometimes we have those weeks that overwhelm - opportunities abound, but the troubles are there as well. I want to encourage you to go for whatever it is that the Lord has placed in your life. Cast off the bowlines and take the wind. I have learned in my life that the thing that scares me the most is typically when I grow the most.

If it is writing a novel - discipline yourself to write that novel.
If it is taking a job someplace else - take it, and see what opportunities abound.
If it is quitting a job to start a business - start that business.
If it is only taking an opportunity that comes across your path - take it.

In college, one of my professors likened our ideas to a Greek creature who could only be caught by his forelock. To catch him, one must see him coming and take the opportunity to catch him because after he passed, he was impossible to catch again. Inspiration and opportunity are often like this creature - fleeting and quick.

Summer's coming, so take this summer and pursue opportunities - or create them.


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