Updating ... New Project(s)

New month; new projects. It's snowing in Western New York; I dislike snow ... especially after Christmas, but I have to live with the snow nonetheless. I'm posting a photo that I took over the summer up at Fort Niagara looking out onto Lake Ontario ... warmer days.

Sometimes, like snow in April, we have to put up with a book in hopes that it'll turn around. I had a nice Easter weekend that helped unravel some problems that I had been having in one of my books. The story line is fantastic: a tapestry weaver must decide whether or not to tell her family's secrets in order to live. Added to that, she is the last of her people, and she is the only one who knows the family's secrets: does she betray all that she knows or does she gamble in hopes of a better future?

The book, as much as I loved it, was stuck. One of my cousins read the opening chapter and couldn't figure out if it was a historical fiction or fantasy - big problem. I didn't have much in the way of fantasy, but historically the events couldn't happen. So, while playing around with another book (urban fantasy), I realized that I would be able to connect the two series and create one family line.


I can assure you that I praised God while I scrambled to put my ideas down before they ran off on me. The only problem is that I have to adjust the sub-plots, throw in some other plots, add a greater over-arching plot line (the book is the first of seven) and add some historical characters.

Not bad, considering.

So April is shaping up to be a re-edit project plus a new novel project. Since the two projects work together, it will make it simpler. Besides, I can work on the other books in the two series as I progress.

Have you ever had one of those books that just gets stuck? Have you forced it to work, or sit back and allowed it to stew a bit before it all came together?


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