Time Management

Life was easier as a child: wake up, go to school, do homework, play, eat supper and repeat. Summer and vacation skipped the school and homework part leaving more time for play, but the schedule remained the same.

If life were only that easy as a freelance writer and artist. Balancing the time needed to write, edit and weave, as well as family obligations and other items sometimes become overwhelming.

How do you manage the time? I've found that certain steps work for me:

  1. Prioritize. What do I need to do today - everything else is superfluous. That might mean putting my writing on hold for a day or two to finish a project. It might mean putting other items on hold to edit.
  2. Prepare. When I have slower days or inspiration hits, I build up time by storing items. During the summer, I create stir-fry bags for a quick meal. I might create several journals at once so that I'm not rushed later when I need a quick gift.
  3. Procrastinate. I'm very good at this one, but sometimes something can be put off until tomorrow. This thought works best with prioritizing.
  4. Putter. My grandmother used to call me perpetual motion when I was little because I constantly moved. Puttering around helps with little projects - bind journals while I watch TV or edit a novel while I wait for supper. 
Do you have any suggestions for time management? I'd like to hear them.


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