Projects from Azure Maris

I try to incorporate the arts into all my books. Sometimes it is simply a character who draws, knits or creates journals. Other times, I have the art play an important role within the character's development. Azure Maris is primarily in the first category: she draws and creates her own journals, but as a princess she supports a variety of arts.

In one scene, Azure, Eliam and Mitch have gone into Crabapple Harbor for the Crabapple Festival. There, Azure sees wraps that she ends up purchasing: one in silk and one in cotton. In honor of the black cotton that she purchases, I'm currently weaving one similar to what it might have been like - not the exact vision, but a beginning vision.

The photo above is the current portion that I am weaving. The sett is 12.5 dpi and I am using 8/2 black cotton as well as an 8/2 weight of fun acrylic yarn that I received in a grab bag. The two cones of yarn are below.
The cone on the right was the free yarn, and I didn't know what to do with it, so I decided to use it as a decorative element in a shawl. I've already woven the first half of the warp. The first photograph shows the beginning of the second shawl. At the moment they shawls are rather airy, but will shrink once washed. All in all, I think that they should turn out rather well. Keep an eye out on the Etsy sight for the shawls.


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