Little Joys

I learned ages ago to enjoy the little things of life because in the moment they happen, you can either ignore or savor. Sometimes savoring cannot happen, so I take those moments when I can. Here are some thoughts from this week:

  • While I'm sitting here in my studio, the dogs decide to start growling at something ... again. What do they see? A wild turkey at the edge of the property.

  • This morning, I took Mom to the airport and the moon was nearly full; but with the wispy evening clouds and darkness of three in the morning, the moon shone bright - just like a cover for a mystery book.

  • Finishing a book and sending it off for consideration. The book is called Shamrocks of Stone and is set in 1405, Ireland. I finished the book in March and finished the second edit yesterday. It is currently being considered for publication.

  • Being complimented on my book. My favorite one came from a cousin: "I'm as proud of you as a Christian can humbly be." It made my day when I read that on her e-mail.
These little pleasures balance the harder aspects of writing and weaving: the rejection of stories, articles or patterns; the remarks concerning the expense of a handcrafted item; the work involved with putting yourself out there.

Balance is the beauty of art - the tension and the release; without one the other would be less enjoyable.

What are things that you've enjoyed - little things that came unexpectedly to you this week?


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