April Book Review

Since the book for this month deals with tapestries, I'm focusing on one of my tapestry books today.

The Tapestry Handbook by Carol K Russell is a large book, but full of useful items. It is geared to be a tapestry study book whether used as part of college curriculum or independent. I've used it as an independent study.

If you want how to weave tapestries then this is a good starting point since it gives step-by-step instructions from pick-n-pick patterning to shaped patterning. In each portion of the book, she provides color and black and white photographs to illustrate the points, as well as up-close photographs. Most of the tapestries are created by modern weavers so it shows the wide range of tapestries out there.

Occasionally, instructions can be a bit confusing, which would be somewhat negated with a mentor or teacher. The photographs do help sometimes explain confusing sections.

In conclusion, if you want a book to step through the tapestry weaving process as well as provide the history of the craft and photographs of historical tapestries as well as modern ones, this is a good book to use.


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