Where'er the Wind Wails

Last year, March had temps in the seventies ... now - thirties ... if we're lucky. But, such is March in Western New York, and unfortunately, so it seems to be the writing for this month. It's been an interesting journey thus far since I started a book then stopped; started another and stopped; repeat step and continue.

I wanted something bright for the blog today since it's snowy outside ... and cold. In November, I commented about the fact that writers cannot wait for inspiration to strike before we write. We must write daily, which is part of the reason that I tackle a novel a month. However, once again, storylines shove their way into my brain, and I cannot shake them.

Case in point - the book about the Nazi treasures tentatively titled, Brandywine Secrets was the book for me to tackle through March. The book just did not want to give, and I was stuck even with a general idea about the ending. So, I started another book, and the same thing happened. It's less than two weeks to the end of the month and now I have three books that I'm working on, and none of them will be finished.

Blessing, isn't it? Yes and no. Two of them work in tandem as they take place in Georgian England then Revolutionary Lancaster PA. I'll have to continue writing these books through April just because the characters are so interesting. The other book this month is one that I started back in 2010, maybe 2009 at the earliest. The characters intrigue me, as does the entire concept of the series: recovery of lost treasures be they stolen or hidden.

The premise in Padraig's Cross is a group of friends trying to find a silver cross that was carried from Ireland to Palestine in the Eleventh Century. There are the ones who want to find the cross for themselves;  there is Wenna, the main character who wants more out of her life, but cannot seem to leave her home town; Rafe who loves Wenna, but wants to keep her safe; Asad who wants the cross because he is an historian who wants to hold the cross that Padraig carried with him to Palestine; and a smattering of other characters good and bad.

Original Plan A was to have two series: one with Wenna's storyline and one with the Brandywine characters, but they all kept stepping on each other's toes. I had two series that basically followed the same storyline that being the recovery of lost treasure. One dealt specifically with robberies while the other dealt with hidden treasures. I now have one series that merges elements from both series. Brilliant! It also gives me a new, interesting subplot in Brandywine Secrets. Perchance I will finally finish that book before July! The book can be read as a standalone novel or as a prequel to the other series ... even better.

It never ceases to amaze me how our brains work. A problem that I had been attacking for three years has suddenly opened for me thanks in part to a friend's book idea. Three cheers for friends. I encourage those of you who write: keep at it, even if you have a book(s) that frustrates you. Sometimes it takes time for the process to work its way through. Sometimes the writing flows easy, sometimes it weeps, and oftentimes it frustrates, but in the long run, it always surprises. I enjoy writing because I enjoy the surprises.


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