There and Back Again


Left the house on Monday morning, and now finally back home to WNY Thursday afternoon.

As I posted on Saturday, I had a talk/book signing down in Owings Mills MD at Liberty Christian School. Enjoyed the trip, and the time talking with the girls about Azure Maris, pursuing God and following His dreams for our lives. It was a great time.

Stopped off at a place called Labadie Looms where I managed to find a book about rep weaving in French! Now, to practice my French skills! Also stopped at a place called HOPE International. HOPE is a mirco financing group that works in developing countries giving people a hand up not a hand out. Being an author and artist, I have my small business, and I am thrilled to see a group of fellow believers using this means to show Christ's love to His creation through these means.

Mom and I were able to catch up with friends and some family while we were down in Lancaster as well. Thankfully for us, the storm came through as rain, not snow. A huge blessing for us, but alas for all the kids who had a no snow Snow Day. During the no snow Snow Day, we managed to go down to Herr's Potato Chip Factory in Nottingham PA. We grew up in the area and to this day prefer Herr's chips over most any other brand. Thankfully, we were able to send a box to my sister who is in Afghanistan, bought some bags for us at home, and ...

... bought some mugs to show our Herr's support. Personally, I bought the mugs (four in total) because they came with spoons: tea and coffee always need sugar, and sometimes those pesky marshmallows don't always want to go with the hot chocolate!

I don't know about you, but whenever I travel I always come back with more ideas for books, projects, and the like. It's something, I suppose, about being in a new location ... or at least a different location. For the next little while, I'm going to play around with some ideas: Lancaster PA through bags. Taking the size of bag that I made for my trip, and expanding the concept ... who knows, maybe I can do other things as well.


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