The Little Purple Iris

A couple weeks back I mentioned that I was working on a bag based upon the purple iris in my front yard. The flower in question:

For my trip down to Lancaster, PA, this week, I wanted something small to carry the essentials: wallet, phone, coin purse, journal and a little notebook. My current purse works well, but it's rather large since it's big enough to put a standard 8.5 x 11 folder inside. Therefore, I decided to take my purple iris items and threw together the little purse :

The overall bag is only about 11 inches wide, two inches depth, and eight inches tall. As mentioned earlier, I used two shades of purple for the bag's warp (12.5 dpi), and set it up in a rep weave pattern. The weft was a black and purple plaid material that I had cut into 1/2 inch strips alternated with the lighter purple warp.
For the bag's handle and sides, I used one continuous length of material. The band was woven on my inkle loom with black, purple and sea green for the warp. This bag does not have the words black iris woven into the band - that bag will be finished later.
I needed to have some sort of covering for the top of the bag since I had raw edges there. I chose a purple fabric that I had leftover from a quilt I made two years ago. Unfortunately the purple fabric did not go with the bag, but once turned inside out, the pattern remained on a white background. The bag's closed with a white zipper. The photo below shows an up close photo of the side. Normally, I sew the band to the sides then flip it inside out so that the selvage of the bag is hidden. This time, the material had large loops, and I didn't want anything to be caught on the selvage therefore, I have used the selvage as a decorative element to the bag.
All in all, I think the bag turned out very well. It's a sturdy little bag that will do me well this week, and whenever I need a little bag and not the larger bag.


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