Vines and Leaves

I love weaving - it's something that I learned in college, but I picked up the desire to learn from my Grandma who never had the chance to teach me to weave. While I still have Grandma's looms, I usually work on the smaller looms that I have, and my inkle loom is one of my favorites.

This first photo is a picture of the project on the loom. As you can see, it doesn't necessarily look the best, and you cannot see the design as well, but once you have a chance to look at it from another angle:

The design becomes a little clearer. These first two photos are of the same section that I worked on this morning: finishing up one vine and beginning the next. I made a mistake on the first vine, but I can barely tell where the mistake was. The photo below is the first design that I wove into this warp. Apparently this is a Turkish symbol that means: A Woman made this, for it represents the universal female position of hands on hips.
This last photo shows you both the first symbol and a portion of the first vine. The colors I chose are red for the borders and weft; lime for the background warp, and black for the design warp.
Once the project is finished, I will probably use it in a purse as the strap, or some other way. I think it would make a very cool looking strap on a messenger bag. Now, I can add pizazz to any straps I have on bags that I make or even able to add names and messages to bags or guitar straps. So, what do you think about it? Bag strap or guitar strap? Currently, it's 1 3/4 inches wide.


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