Little Gifts

Adding a quick update about weaving. I enjoy weaving, and I find that it is a good way to create a gift for someone no matter the reason. For a woman, a shawl is usually a hit; for a family, a rug. The photo above is for a friend's bridal shower this weekend. Her kitchen colors are green, so I'm weaving dish cloths in vibrant colors.

The sett is 12.5 ends per inch, and I use four colors: jade, olive, sea green and black. My black is doubled both in the warp and weft to create defined lines.

On the loom, the dish cloths are 11.5 inches wide by 18 inches long. Once washed, they shrink to 10 inches wide by fifteen inches long. They'll be hemmed, so they'll be closer to square. I use an 8/2 cotton warp and weft for my dish cloths, and find that they work out very well in daily use.

The colors that I used I would like to use for a rug or some other household items since it is a beautiful combination.


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