Last Saturday Updates

It's been a busy February, but not for writing so much. I had one book that I started, but it never went much farther than thinking about it ... and researching. I found that I needed more information to even begin finishing the book. I had gifts to make for a friend's bridal shower, and I had books arriving.

It's been busy.

 Yesterday, my remaining 650 books arrived by 18-wheeler. I live on a country road that rarely has that sort of truck traffic. Indeed, if we do have large trucks there are usually two reasons (1) it's a milk truck coming to the dairy farms or (2) there was an accident on one of the two major roads and all traffic is diverted. I received 14 boxes of books, and they are now moved either into the house or into the SUV we're taking to MD and PA in a week.

 The bridal shower gift all wrapped up. I used one of my furoshikis to wrap four dish cloths (seen below). Each dishcloth is hemmed, and is a straight repeat of the warp. They are a little longer than they are wide, but it works. I kept a couple of them since they didn't quite match the other four. The best thing about cotton is that it wears well. I rather like how it turned out and wouldn't mind having a blanket in these colors. The dish cloth is about 10" x 15"

It has been a busy month, and March looks like it might be equally as busy since I have two book signings already lined up for March 9th and 10th. So, here's to the arrival of spring ... and more things to do.


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