Finished Book 2

I delayed writing today's post since I wanted to be able to say that I finished Azure Lights, the sequel to Azure Maris. I can say that I have finished the book!

It's been a hard book to write, but I know that it isn't going to be hardest of the books. Finishing this book is an accomplishment in two ways:
  1. it's the first sequel I have finished. I have had several ideas for second books, but I have never actually finished any of them ... until now.
  2. I have fought through writer's block and won.
I suppose other writers and artist have these problems, but sometimes it does feel as though I might be alone. Thankfully, I am not the only one who has these problems.

Now comes the process of editing this book. For those who've read Azure Maris, I can tell you that favorite characters return, and new ones come. In this book, Azure learns more about her people and her heritage as a priestess-princess of Deep Waters. The history that she discovers forces her to confront what is expected of her life, and what she does not want to do. How does one follow God when it seems that His path is leading directly into danger?

With Azure Lights finished now, I'm going to focus on another book, tentatively titled Brandywine Secrets. This book deals with the Nazi's plundering of European art, and ethical questions raised by those who have purchased these stolen artworks.

Brandywine Secrets has its own difficulties, and I have been putting off writing it, but it's time; so with the energy that I have from finishing Azure Lights, I will attack my next book.


  1. Yeehaw! as a friend of mine would say. :-) I loved Azure Maris and can't wait to read Azure Lights! Azure and her friends are my kind of people.

  2. I agree about my kind of people, Brenda. It's been fun writing the books, and I'm glad that you enjoyed Azure Maris.


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