Books Arriving!

Back in December, I had my first 100 books arrive on my doorstep. The photo above was taken at that time. Tomorrow afternoon, I should have my remaining 650 books on my doorstep!

This is a major praise since I have two book signings coming up. One is on March 5 in Owings Mills MD, and the other will be closer to home in Wyoming NY. The second one, at the Wyoming Free Library, has no tentative date yet, but I will be certain to announce it when the time comes.

It is a wonderful thing to see how the Lord provides for us, even when we wonder if He will. Through the past eight months, I have wondered if publishing was what I was supposed to do, but time and time again the Lord assured me that this was the path that He desired for me. Knowing that I am on the path that He desires encourages me when it seems like I have no idea what I am to do.


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