Purple Iris Bag Project

Above is one of our purple irises from the front yard. I love the colors, and while the photograph is a bit bright, it captures the colors well-enough. They are a little darker in real life. The project was to take those colors and to make a bag. Known as the Purple Iris Bag.

This a portion of the fabric I wove for the bag base. I used 3/2 cotton rug warp, in alternating lavender and aubergine blocks. The actual term is called log cabin weave, which is nothing like the log cabin quilt block. The filler fabric is a black, white and aubergine plaid cut into inch strips then folded into half inch strips.

This photograph gives you a better idea what the material looks like when it came off the loom. I wove this on the 12" Ashford Knitter's Loom sett at 12dpi. The band, shown below, was woven on the Ashford Inkle Loom.

All bags need a strap so we can carry them. So, I wove a band for my bag using the colors from the flower as the basis. In this case, I added a sea green border and accent that came the closest to mirroring the stem and leaves of the plant.

This project was also the first time I attempted to write in any of my woven projects. For my first attempt, it turned out well enough. It does say Black Iris not Black Irish, though, had I added a little portion, my lines could have become an H. The band is two inches wide, and the words are a half inch tall.

Thus ends the beginning of the project - weaving. Now, I need to sew up my bag, and that portion is sometimes a little harder. I wove up two portions, one to be the bag and one to be a clutch, but I need to play with two portions, deciding what sort of bag will be the best. Once finished, I will post the finished bag.


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