January Book Finished

Yesterday, I finished my book for January. This book takes place in Buffalo, NY, during the 1920s and is the first in a series of historical mysteries.

Now, begins the editing process for the book. I'm encouraged, though, by the fact that my endings are improving. Practice makes perfect, and it takes time to be able to write well. I wrote my first mystery in February 2012, and while the character is interesting, she is a little flat. In all, over the past twelve months, I've written four more mysteries, and each of them had problems. The primary one is a rushed ending. My most recent book did not have the rushed feel at the end. Pacing has become easier for me to plot out.

Pacing is a hard thing to develop in a novel. I've read books in which the mystery was solved, but there were another four chapters left in the book, tying up what I considered to be the subplot, not the plot. I've read other novels that just ended, leaving me with literary whiplash. I rarely do the first one, but I am often guilty of the second one. It takes the editing process to smooth out these problems.

In my writing, having another person read the book helps, though I usually realize when I have a whiplash ending because it felt that way writing in the first place. What are some of the problems that you have in your writing? How do you compensate for those difficulties?


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