Human Trafficking Awareness

I can't quote it directly, but I know if comes from L. M. Montgomery's book, Anne's House of Dreams shortly before or after Anne and Gilbert marry. Anne has always wanted a pearl for a ring, and Gilbert gives her one, though he is uncertain about giving her a jewel that symbolizes tears.

Anne's classic reply is that sometimes tears come from joy as well as from sorrow, for some of her most joyful times involved crying.

Yesterday, January 11 was Human-Trafficking Awareness Day - a day set aside for all of us to contemplate what it means for those caught in this vile world, as well of those who can help them escape.

To remember to pray for those involved with human trafficking (both those within the industry, and those helping others to escape the industry), I wear the necklace shown above with a freshwater tear-shaped pearl on a strand of beads. Symbolism is important to me, especially in my art and novels, so the blackness of the strands reminds me of the great fight we wage, while the three strands that I have braided together reminds me that it takes more than one person doing something. It isn't visible in the photograph, but one end of necklace keeps coming un-braided (it was not a planned event), so occasionally I must re-braid part of the necklace. It seems fitting, however, since there never seems to be enough people to help fight or raise awareness of this evil.

Beginning on Monday, I will have other necklaces on sale at my etsy account. Ten dollars from the sales of the necklaces will go to an organization called Women At Risk (WAR) International. This organization isn't the only one who are out there to help stop this industry. World Vision, Gospel for Asia, International Justice Mission and Not for Sale are others.

I encourage you to visit these locations to learn more about human trafficking since it affects not just those involved, but all of us.


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