First of the Month Review

Many people want to write the next American novel in the New Year. Of course, most of those who desire to write a novel never finish it, but many do then comes the process of submitting and publishing.

This entry is actually more of a list of ideas to start off the writing year than a review of one specific book, but the list is a good starting point. I can think of three general items that you need to launch a novel. The first one is a book, and the last two are collections.
  1. Writer's Market is published every year and there are several different ones to fine-tune your choices. You can focus on poetry, novels and short stories, photographers or songwriting. There is also the Writer's Market that covers most all of the other topics. If you want to write for a specifically Christian market, the Christian Writer's Market is the book to find. For me, I use the Christian Writer's Market exclusively, though I do try to look through the Writer's Market at least once a year for further fields.
  2. Collection of current news resources. This might be newspapers, news magazines or websites. It might include science news, archaeology news, sports, medicine, or any number of other topics, the point is that it keeps current. News, as I stated earlier, is an excellent way to generate novel ideas. I have a handful of websites that I visit on a regular basis for missions news, world news (both American websites and other websites), and art news.
  3. Collection of writer's resources. I put Writer's Market in a separate category, because it is an over-arching necessity, but for different writers, you might need a different collection of writer's necessities. As a writer of history, speculative, and mystery, I tend to need a good historical overview book, guides on writing historical fiction, historical mysteries, and mysteries in general.
Later on this week, I'll break down the last topic into subjects for my historical and speculative novels. It can appear overwhelming, but it won't be. What are some items that you feel are important to writing?


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