Finally! I started writing the sequel to Azure Maris over the summer, August, I believe, and I managed to write the first twenty-two chapters and the last chapter. From twenty-three to twenty-nine, I was stuck.

Knee deep in mud and unable to escape. I had run into a writer's block that must have been several feet thick. Trying to break through the wall hurt, and I finally had to give up writing for almost six months.

Now, however, I have managed to break through the wall - it isn't much, just able to squeeze through, but it is enough to see daylight on the other side of the wall. Currently, I'm attempting to finish the book up so that I can begin the process of editing. I have to date only five chapters left.

Have you ever had a writer's block that simply would not be budged? In my case, I needed to sit back and allow the book to work itself out; I also just needed to write through the trouble. This is how I accomplished to overcome my writer's block, what have you done?


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