Wishing and Dreaming

Gifts. It's Christmas, right? Do you look at Christmas and ask yourself, "What happened?" We celebrate the birth of our Creator, born to in a stable to parents in poverty, yet the entire season celebrating His advent is about stuff. What did you get? What are you getting your family? Where is the best deal for toys? What do you get the boss who has everything?

What do you want for Christmas? I don't mean the whole world peace thing, though while nice, it is rather impractical since conflict is a part of human nature. What do you want to be? Over the past few weeks, I have considered this question: what do I want for Christmas, and it has become who do I want to be this new year? For the past twenty-five years or so, I have had my Christmas list ready for my family by my birthday which is near Columbus Day. This year, I did not.

I have a few requests that I'd like to see, but those are requests that only my Heavenly Father can give me, and in His perfect timing. Yet, I consider, what can I give Him? How can I be more like Him this year?

Who do I want to be? I'm a writer, artist, daughter, sister and friend. Some of these are natural gifts, some are because of birth, some I work at daily. I know I want to be bolder in my faith. I know I want to be more like Christ: more generous, engaging, prayerful, yet I fear stepping out of my comfort zone.

What is it that you want to be this year?

The number 8 is considered the number of infinity, which I heard described as: one more than you know how to be. We serve an infinite God who knows what to do when we reach the end of our knowledge, even when we are long past the end of our knowledge, and do not realize it. I want to know Him more, and in knowing Him more know how to be more bold, generous, engaging, and prayerful. In knowing Christ, I can know how He thinks, what He desires, and how to pursue His plans.

2012 is nearly finished, and 2013 is nearly upon us - Christ came so that we might find new life in Him. We are called to be living sacrifices. What is it that you want to be this year?


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