End of the Beginning

And there it is - in my own hand, my book. Giddiness doesn't even begin to describe the emotions, but thus, the beginning of my journey now ends, and the remainder of my journey now begins.

I admit that I am still overwhelmed by having a book published - not self-published, but that someone else out there honestly believes that the book is worthy to be published.

Am I scared? Nervous? Excited beyond belief? Yes ... and then some. I have embarked onto the path of being a bona fide writer, and now I have a book that will be in store shelves come February.

We have worked through arts, writing, and growing deeper with God these past six months. The aim is to continue this path, and to encourage you to continue writing, creating and pursuing God, but I will admit, that the process is as scary as it is exciting.

Press on.


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