Advent - Angels and Christ

Merry Christmas to everyone. I hope that you all are enjoying your time with family and friends. Our Christmas is quiet and enjoyable.

The last two candles in the advent wreath are angels - those who announced the birth of Christ, and Christ, He for whom we have waited. Now, we rejoice that our salvation has arrived ... God in human flesh to become one with us. Not just to come and rescue us from our sins, but to live among us for thirty-three years. He walked with us, talked with us, communed with us. He knows what it means to be tired, hungry, sore, and injured. He knows how it is to be rejected, to be loved, and to be dismissed. He understands our sorrows and our joys.

Christ's birth does not simply end on Christmas; He grows up and on Easter we celebrate His death, burial and resurrection for it is death and resurrection that brings the gift of reconciliation.

As you contemplate the season, remember that this is only the beginning - that just around the corner, we will celebrate Lent and Easter - the season when Christ conquered sin and death.

Merry Christmas.


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