Acting on Inspiration

How do you follow through on your inspiration? For example - you hear about a horrid action whether it is persecution or gendercide (both of which are on my mind at the moment). How do you follow through with that righteous anger?

Usually, I start writing, partly because that is my gift. Other times, I create such as the photo above. Called Songs in the Night, I created this quilt top after hearing about women who continued to praise Christ through persecution. Even in the darkest of times, songs and hope exist.

This quilt is unfinished at the moment since I haven't found material for the backing yet, but I did want to put this out for you to see. Even as writers, it isn't always our written words that make an impact on people's lives. Sometimes we are able to use other avenues to spread a message.

So, what other ways have you considered putting a message out? Blogs, articles and novels are prime examples for writers, but messages can be spoken through other means: sculpture, prints, quilts and drawings. This realization that there are multiple avenues to express a thought is part of the reason that I practice fiber arts. It is also a reason why my characters usually have some sort of art that they do whether it is drawing, weaving or bookbinding.

When you hit a roadblock in your writing, consider another art form - it just might be the tool that you need.


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