Week 2 Thankfulness

This week, I want to focus on another item for which I am grateful: technology. Not only the ability to use computers, digital cameras and automobiles, but simpler technology like floor looms and sewing machines.

Technology is simply using tools for our purpose. Humanity has used oral culture to convey stories and information; now most of us use written culture to transmit the same idea. Where would a writer be without technology? Not only are we able to use computers to write our thoughts down, but we can use it to tell others about our books, and keep in touch with one another. The arts can sometimes be a lonely vocation, and the ability to connect with people is a benefit.

What about you? Do you appreciate technology - the advanced or the simple? Have you ever considered where you would be if we didn't have the technology that we had?

By the way, the photo above is one of my grandma's floor looms. This loom is probably seventy years old now, and still works. Old technology and new technology - something that I appreciate.


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