Thanksgiving Week 4

Now that it nears the Christmas season, technically we are in Advent which is that time before Christmas Day dedicated to remembering why Christ came to Earth, I'm adding my last Thanksgiving post.

There are a great many thing that I am thankful for: family, friends, home, my church family, and the gifts that the Lord has given me over the years, but it does all boil down to one overwhelming thing for which I give thanks, and that is the gift of eternal life.

I admit, Christmas is not my favorite holiday, partly because it seems so very ... sweet, I suppose. But, the reason we celebrate Christmas, the fact that the Triune God-head knew of our depravity; knew that we could never merit any good works on our own; knew that we would never be able to reconcile ourselves to a perfect God, sent Christ, fully God to become fully human as well so that we might be reconciled to God - that is why I am thankful that the Advent season follows the Thanksgiving season.

As much as it is the story of a baby in a manger, it is also about a man on a cross. As much as it is peace, love, and hapiness, it is also about a covert mission that the High King of Heaven took upon Himself to infilitrate the enemy's territory, disguised as a simple baby to grow and live and eventually take captivity captive.

I am thankful that I follow a God who chose to love me. As you consider the Advent season, remember why we celebrate Christmas.


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