Thankfulness Week 3

This week's thankfulness is for our military and their families. I come from a long line of Americans, and my ancestors have fought in most all of the wars: American War of Independence, American Civil War (Confederacy) World War 2 and both Iraq wars.

Connected to this thankfulness is our almost 200-year peace with Canada to our north, which is part of the reason I chose a photo taken at Fort Niagara. Two hundred years ago, we were in the middle of a war: the War of 1812. The Niagara Frontier was part of the front lines. My father's side of the family comes both from Ontario, Canada as well as Western New York.

As we look towards Thanksgiving this week, do not forget those who will have empty seats at the table of plenty. There are those who have died and there are those who are gone. My own sister will be away from my family this year as she will be going to Afghanistan with her Guard unit.

Thank our Lord and Savior that He has allowed us to have people willing to defend us even as He has strengthened those who remain at home.


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