Tapestry Troubles

Okay, so I realize that this isn't a photo of the tapestry, but that is part of the problem - the tapestry. Art is one of those things in which a problem can become a blessing - go figure.

The photo is actually my smaller floor loom, a hand-me-down from my grandma; possibly from her mother-in-law, but we're uncertain who purchased the looms or when. Since all three floor looms are in need of repair (one in fact needs to be completely rebuilt), I use rigid heddle looms for my weaving. My tapestry is on one of the rigid heddle looms.

At a ten dpi (dents per inch), I figured that I would have plenty of wiggle room for my warp. A tapestry is weft-faced, so it has to have enough space between the warp strands for the weft to pack into the space. Normally, I use 7.5 dpi for my tapestry, but decided to use 10 dpi for this one.

Yeah, big mistake. I should have used the 7.5 dpi, so now I have a warp that is ready to weave with nothing that will weave properly in it ... at least not for a tapestry. So what am I to do? I haven't decided yet, but am leaning towards trying a knotted pile square. With the remaining warp, I will probably use it for a rag bag.

Have you ever had something that you thought would work perfectly, only to discover it wouldn't? Was the mistake actually a blessing?


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