Support Your Local Library

Just returned from the library book sale where I found a book about poetry, another on the Middle East and a design book. A little eclectic, I understand, but one never knows when a design book might inspire a location for a new book.

I want to encourage you to go to library book sales since the money generated usually helps libraries with programs and purchasing new books. It's also a good way to find research books for fairly cheap. A few years ago, I found a book about the history of watercolor. Since watercolor was popular in the Regency time period, and I had a book based in the time period, I was able to gather ideas and facts about watercolor paintings in the time period.

My library system allows me to borrow books from libraries in three different counties. It opens up the options for finding books about a particular topic. I show my support through the library book sales. What do you do to support your local library?


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