Study in Yellow and Green

A study is delving into a particular subject to explore a variety of elements within that subject. Studies come in everyday life from devotionals to school work. In art, studies can focus on a landscape or a still life. These studies can develop into themes that permeate books, art, and thoughts.

Sometimes a study comes from the least likely of sources - leftovers. My most current knotted pile is a study in yellow and green with a variety of yellows and greens. Part of the reason why I have so many yellows and greens is because I don't use these colors all that often. They are colors that I don't readily reach for, but as it turns out, the colors are interesting. The first portion was monochromatic - one green; one yellow. The second half plays with the two colors together.

Literature also develops studies,  or themes, on a particular subject. Currently, the most important theme in my books is following God's will for your life. Not so much finding God's will, for Micah 6:8 shows us God's will for each of us, but discovering what God has gifted you with, and how that applies to His will. We know what God requires of us: do justly, love mercy, walk humbly with Him, but how do our gifts (art, writing, speaking, healing) apply to those requirements? Must we always give up our dreams to follow God? Psalms 37 tells us "to delight ourselves in the Lord, and He will give us the desires of our heart." Does that mean that what we want will always be sacrificed to what He wants?

Not necessarily, while one character receives her dreams, another character faces what she believes to be an impossible situation. A third character receives her freedom from what she has hated only because she is sold into slavery. The last character proves to be interesting development - finding freedom in slavery. Part of the development within this theme of God's will is contentment: what does it mean to be content, and can we still pursue our own goals within the context of God's will?

Studies can develop from a variety of sources, even as ideas for books or projects can come from a variety of sources. Do you find that themes come from leftovers ... or from aspects in your own life?


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