Knotted Pile

Earlier I explained about my tapestry troubles. The easiest solution was to make a knotted pile out of the warp. Today, I'll show  you my first project with knotted pile.

An overview of the uncut knotted pile. I realize that it is quite messy and hard to distinguish the pattern. The reverse of the project reveals the design better.

I tried to do an argyle style for it, but it appears to be more of a shield. The lighter center is not a fluke, but the lighter warp. The next photo is a close up of the backside of the project so that you can see the weave structure.

To create a knotted pile you need to have a ground weft and a supplementary, knot weft. If I took out all of the knots, I would be left with stripped piece of fabric. One of the beauties about knotted pile is the fact that it can be easily repaired since each knot can be individually re-woven.

Next is a photo of the entire project.

In total it is about 8.5" across and about 18" length including fringe. My warp sett is 10 epi; I wove two rows of ground weft to one row of knotted weft.


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