This is a new beginning for me - not only am I on the way to becoming a published author, but I look forward to expanding both the writing and fiber arts in a variety of ways. While it seems a little overwhelming the path to becoming published, it is well worth the adventure.

My book, Azure Maris, is planned to be released around Christmas time. As the time approaches, I will add more about the book as I go. Here is a synopsis of what the book is about:

What does it mean to be a mermaid out of water? Azure Maris, princess of Deep Waters is grounded in the Chesapeake Bay region. She must learn how to live life above the waves while she strives to return home. She cannot return home since the sea kingdom off the coast opposes Azure's kingdom. In addition, Azure finds that she is the object of affection to Mano Leo-mana, a sumu ba-ashma - fallen angel - who desires to destroy Deep Waters. Azure knows of the sumu ba-ashma, but has never met one or fend off the romantic attentions of one.

The Frankels, who took Azure into their home, realize that God, as well as His creation, is bigger than they ever thought possible. Hiram and Helen Frankel struggle with the news that Azure has revealed, even as they struggle with the concept of their son, Eliam falling in love with Azure . . . and she with him.

Not all that resides below the waves honors the Most High. Not everything that swims in the waters is as it appears. The question becomes clear: when fallen angels walk and mermaids dance, just how big is your God?


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