Story Endings or Story Starters?

Have you seen the car commercials that appear to be the ending of an epic movie?  It started me thinking about which was easier - story starters or story enders? When I was in school, we would have either an opening paragraph or a photo such as this:

I don't know where the photo came from so I cannot put down who took it or where, but it is interesting. As a story starter, it could be interesting, but as a story ending would it still be as interesting?

For me, I usually have an image of my main character and antagonist in some sort of fight or at least a conflict. The snapshot gives me a good idea as to where the story is going; however, when I'm writing murder mysteries, I need to determine the ending of my book early in the process. Knowing who actually commits the murder helps me place clues as well as red herrings.

 Do you think it is easier to have the first paragraph written or is it easier to have the ending finished?


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